The Use of Beech Hardwood in 60 Minute Fire Door Assemblies

News: The Use of Beech Hardwood in 60 Minute Fire Door Assemblies

The Intumescent Fire Seals Association (IFSA) is aware that doubts have been cast on the fire performance to be expected from Beech hardwood when incorporated in 60 minute fire door assemblies, in the form of frames, lippings or glazing beads.

It is the experience of IFSA members that there is variability in timber, door leaf manufacture, workmanship and installation practices that can affect the performance of most door assemblies, regardless of the species of hardwoods incorporated.

Intumescent seals have been proven to make a positive impact upon the performance of timber based constructions, including door assemblies, and IFSA is furthermore aware that Beech frames, lippings and glazing beads have been included in some 60 minute door assemblies, with positive results, using member companies’ intumescent systems.

IFSA does not support proposed rules restricting the use of particular timbers, as this does not take into account the interaction of materials that are present within door assemblies, not least the proven benefit of intumescent materials. Future innovation would furthermore be stifled. Throughout the industry, the fire resistance of products is determined solely by evaluation of their performance against agreed testing procedures, and this is an approach that is fully embraced by IFSA.

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