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Supporting Fire Door Safety Week

Fire Door Safety week 2021 will run from 20th – 26th September. As always, it will be raising awareness of the critical role that fire doors play in saving lives and protecting property. Highlighting key industry issues and providing a wealth of fire door information.

IFSA are very pleased to once again pledge our support to the Fire Door Safety Week campaign.

Welcome to IFSA

The Intumescent Fire Seals Association (IFSA) is the trade association dedicated to the science and application of intumescent based sealing materials for the passive fire protection industry.

The Association provides technical advice and guidance on all matters relating to fire door seals, smoke seals, glazing seals and all penetration/gap sealing problems.

Our Objectives

To promote the life safety benefits associated with intumescent fire and smoke seals.

To promote research and development into extending the benefits of intumescent based fire and smoke seals.

To participate in the development of test procedures for fire protection products in BSI, CEN and ISO that are relevant and reproducible.

To ensure that information on the science and application of intumescent passive fire protection materials is made available to both professionals and the general public