To pursue our objectives IFSA has representation on fire standards committees:

  • FSH/22

    Fire Resistance Tests

  • FSH/22/-/2

    Fire Resistance Tests – Interpolation and
    Extrapolation of Test Results for Loadbearing
    Elements and Protection Systems

  • FSH/22/-/3

    Test Procedures for Fire Penetration and Seals

  • FSH/22/-/5

    Fire Resistance Tests for Doors

  • FSH/22/-/7

    Non Loadbearing Separating Elements

  • FSH/22/-/11

    Instrumentation for Fire Resistance Tests

  • FSH/22/-/12

    Fire Resistence Tests for Protective Systems

  • FSH/22/-/14

    High Intensity Fires

IFSA provide BSI delegates to international standardisation committees:

  • CEN TC127
  • ISO TC92 SC2

Product Specialists

Robert Mann

Timber fire doors

Dan Griffiths


Dan Griffiths

Penetration & linear gap seals

Ian Bradley

Intumescent & cable coatings

Dave Boulton

Dampers & air transfer grilles