CE Marking of Fire Resisting Doorsets – Update

News: CE Marking of Fire Resisting Doorsets – Update

The Harmonised European Product Standard for fire resisting doorsets (EN 16034) was published in October 2014, completing the group of EN documents which relate to the CE marking of fire resisting doorsets within the scope of the Construction Products Regulations that apply to all member states of the EU. The CE Marking of all construction products is mandatory under European Regulation 305/2011 (Construction Product Regulation) for all products for which there is a harmonised product standard.

The Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) C378 Volume 6, dated 13 November 2015, includes the citation of EN 16034 and states that it will be a harmonised standard from 1 September 2016. The citation of EN 16034 also states that the coexistence period, where CE Marking of doorsets is voluntary, ends on 1 September 2019. CE marking of fire resisting doorsets will thus become mandatory during the current validity period of this report.

Under EN 16034 only configurations defined as ‘doorsets’ are able to be CE Marked. The definition and requirements of doorsets as defined for the purpose of CE Marking is complex and the Notified Certification Body (NCB) should be consulted regarding your particular situation. A NCB can start the process of attesting conformity of doorsets now and this is advised given the likely pressure on testing facilities.

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