Formation of the Smoke Control Consultation Group

In collaboration with associations similarly concerned with fire protection in buildings – ASDMA, BWF, ACDM, GGF and IFC among them – IFSA has participated in the formation of the Smoke Control Consultation Group (SCCG).

SCCG was established to investigate the issues surrounding smoke leakage in fire doors, with the aim of improving guidance offered in various BS documents and to update building regulations Approved Document B (ADB).

SCCG’s initial investigation dealt with the threshold clearance for doors, currently specified in key standards as a so called “safe gap” of 3mm. Work carried out by IFSA and adopted by the group showed that allowing gaps under the door leaf does not afford satisfactory smoke control as it allows significant smoke leakage. These findings are currently being taken forward to effect changes to UK standards BS 9991, 9999 and 8214.

In representing large sections of the fire protection industry, SCCG draws upon the collective resources of its constituent associations and presents coherent, unified guidance to government.

IFSA continues to contribute to the ongoing work of the SCCG; further information can be obtained from incoming IFSA chairman and representative on the SCCG forum, Mr Jim Kelly (