Acknowledgement to Peter Jackman

Acknowledgement to Peter Jackman


The Intumescent Fire Seals Association (IFSA) held its 33rd Annual General Meeting on February 24th, 2015.


This was the first AGM without Peter Jackman, who sadly passed away in May 2014. Peter was



instrumental in founding the Association over 30 years ago, and throughout IFSA’s history he remained a


staunch and active supporter of its objectives – to educate on and promote the appropriate use of intumesce

nt fire protection systems in order to save lives. He was tireless in his efforts to represent IFSA and

express its views, and he made considerable contributions to its technical output.


Peter’s passing is a great loss to the Association and the fire protection

community as a whole. Nonetheless, IFSA continues with Peter’s vision for a fire-safe construction environment and strives to ensure that the manufacturers of intumescent sealing products have a voice of

influence in the industry. In doing so,IFSA forms part of his legacy. It was a responsibility that those

attending the meeting wished to acknowledge.